January 17, 2012

Add a Picture to Your Fan Page – Day 3

Adding a picture to your Facebook fan page is one of the easiest things you can do! Today we will talk about the different places you can add a picture to your fan page.

Add a Picture to Your Fan Page – Day 3

There are several places you can add a picture to your fan page. Your profile picture, which you can be using as a small postcard. Then you have the wall, where you can add a picture to share with your fans along with a message. Then there is the ever expanding photo album, which you can use to put pictures of customers, promotions, up coming events, past events or pictures of goods.

I am going to start off by talking about your profile picture. I have seen some great pictures and some questionable pictures as profile pictures. The ones who stand out to me are the people who learn the sizes that show up well and then utilize that space. When you add a picture to your fan page one thing you need to be aware of is sizing. The largest that will show up as of right now is 180 x 540. This can change with an update, but as of the day I am writing this the largest that will show up properly is that. Here are some examples of what is called profile banners.

add a pictureYou have a chance to turn your profile picture into an ad or a special or pretty much anything you can think of to put in a picture! So lets say you aren’t graphically inclined and you have no idea the best way to create a banner for your Facebook fan page. Let me introduce you to a little place called fiverr.com there are people that will create custom fan page banners for you for $5. If you called your local graphic designer, I am pretty sure you would pay more than that. So check out the different people that are offering to build your fan page banner for $5, click here for that.

Add a picture to your wall, this is something that I have previously talked about on here and the importance of it. Facebook shows pictures shared more than they show just plain text. So if you need more engagement on your page then this is the way to go! Now I won’t get real in depth here as to all the reasons why and to all the benefits. Mostly because I already covered it in another post entitled Double your fan page post views by adding a picture.

I run tests on pages not getting much feedback, at the point I add a picture I suddenly see an increase in the number of people seeing my posts. So if you are looking for more fan page engagement, then this is a great place to start. Add a picture to the wall and ask people to share it or like it and see what happens. If you have some new products, add them one by one to the wall spread out over a couple of days of course. This way you get that engagement a couple of times a day for a couple of days. Facebook likes seeing this because they like things that will engage other users. If you are engaging your fan base then Facebook will show you more and more. One of my clients I am working with right now, I am posting all of the posters that I have printed on the page once they are complete and sent to the printer. This way it gets peoples attention, then when they see them in the store, they wonder where they have seen the poster before. Repetition and consistency is key in marketing, the more you can show the same thing to people the better off you will be!

Add a picture or seven to your photo album. I uploaded a hand full of pictures last night to a photo album on one of my pages and instantly got a bunch of feedback and even some shares of the posters. If you have an event, take pictures and upload them to an event specific album. If you have a bunch of new goods, do the same thing, take pictures and upload them to an album. Think about going to another business page, if you happen to end up on their pictures, which do you prefer, someone who has a lot of pictures or someone who has 1 or 2? A lot of pictures suggests the business has a lot to offer and has been around for a while. It gives you a sense that if you have a problem they will be around for a while longer to help you. If you like what they offer, then it gives you a sense that you will be able to buy from them for a long time. I know I have thrown a little psychology in here today, but the psychology of selling takes place on Facebook and on your fan page. So you should be aware of these factors as well as making your site look pretty.

So go on and add some pictures to your page! Everyone loves pictures and if you end up with a new customer because of it, well you can thank me later.

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